Heavy Burdens

Heavy Burdens

Heavy burdens will always be upon us. We all have experienced burdens/problems in our lives and will continue to experience them throughout our daily lives. Burdens can be both minimal and heavy. Additionally, there are times after one burden is placed upon us, another gets placed on us, and then another and it then begins to seem like every problem ever invented is thrust upon us. As all these burdens begin to mount and become heavier, it feels like they are consuming our life and we begin to see it negatively affect us. So much negativity comes about and it seems like the world is ending and that there is nothing worth being happy about or nothing great will ever happen again. In these heavy moments, we normally turn towards 3 sources to help us lighten our burdens. Family…friends…God (not necessarily in that order). In rare occasions we seek help from strangers. Nevertheless, these avenues help lighten our burdens by providing us with advice on how to lift up that burden, how to solve that problem. Eventually, something someone says clicks and we gradually see ourselves returning to normal with a feeling of weight being lifted from our shoulders. When we overcome that burden, we typically thank our family or friend who helped us and that’s great that we do that. However, working through and with them was God. God provided those persons with the words to speak to us to help us and those persons listened to God’s words and relayed them to us. Ultimately, God is still there with us and working for us however not directly with us, but in this case He’s working indirectly through someone else. And at that point in time when God directly or indirectly (through and with someone) helps us to lighten our burdens, we feel a sense of peace, let out a huge sigh of relief, weight is lifted from our shoulders and a rest He promised to give us. “If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28


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