Underperformances happen. Webster defines ‘underperform’ as “to be less successful than expected or required”. To be less successful than expected or required. Take a moment to take that definition in. Underperformances are a part of life. It happens day in and day out. Daily we are presented with numerous tasks to complete. With each task we are accountable for, there is an expected level of success that comes with it.

At the completion of our tasks, we are evaluated as to how successful we completed the task. Although we completed the task at hand, we may find ourselves to not have been as successful as expected. In other words, we were less successful than what was expected of us from ourselves and/or others. We underperformed. It happens. Everyone underperforms. What we do after acknowledgement of our underperformance is pointed out is the most important part of all this.

Underperformances bring about a negative feeling. it makes us feel as if we let ourselves and/or others down. At the moment we begin to feel the negativity of underperformances we are left with two choices:  1) let it dictate the rest of our day OR 2) overcome it and end the day on a high note. The easy choice would be option 1: to let the negativity of underperformance dictate the rest of our day. If we choose that option, we will see and feel negativity build up throughout the day. We will see it affect our mentality and how we act towards others. We will find ourselves quicker to anger, more tensed, stressed. It will affect our actions in a negative manner. The best choice is option 2. By overcoming underperformances and not letting it take hold of us and dictate our actions, we become stronger. Stronger individuals. Stronger character. We become stronger.

How do you overcome an underperformance? You accept, flush, and focus. That is you accept the performance you had was not of the desired expectation. You learn flush that performance down the drain and move on to the next task at hand. Then you put 100% of your focus on the next task. You accept the fact that no matter what you do, you cannot redo the task in which you underperformed. Then you flush that task away. Then you focus 100% on the new task. If you do not accept and flush, you will find that you won’t focus 100% on a new task causing you to underperform once again. So choose option 2. Overcome underperformances by accepting you underperformed, flushing that task away because you cannot travel back in time to redo the task, and finally focusing 100% on successfully completing a new task to the best of your ability.


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