Prepare the soil

“You have to take time to prepare the soil if you want it to embrace the seed.”

Soil is the foundation upon which trees and plants grow. It must be taken care of for plants to grow big and strong. The more prepared the soil, the bigger the plants grow, the better a flower blossoms. The better the ability a flower blossoms the better chance it has at displaying its beauty for all to see. The stronger the plant’s roots then the better it can withstand not only sunny days but stormy days. But for these to occur, the soil which a seed is planted in must be adequately prepared. Prior to planting a seed, soil must be nurtured through absorbing essential nutrients such as water and sunlight. If not prepared or maintained properly, any seed planted within that soil will struggle to grow.

The soil is our faith. Faith, like soil, is the foundation upon which we grow. Believing in God is our soil. The more we strengthen our foundation, our soil, our faith…the better we grow. Just like soil needs essential nutrients to prepare itself for seeds to be planted, our faith needs essential nutrients. Our faith needs constant exposure to essential nutrients for it to grow strong roots from the seeds planted. Take care of the soil each and every day. Strengthen the soil, strengthen the foundation each and every day. How do we go about preparing the soil? How do go about exposing the soil constantly with essential nutrients? The answer is quite simple to state yet difficult to put into action at times. We prepare the soil and strengthen the soil by constantly exposing it to faith based activities. What do I mean by “faith based activities”? What I mean is anything and everything! By any means necessary whether it’s reading the bible, listening to praise and worship songs, praying throughout the day, sharing with others your faith, communicating with others who are faithful, etc. There are endless methods in which to prepare your soil. Ultimately it comes down to how well you want your soil prepared. It comes down to how much are you willing to work on your soil, your faith? Prepare the soil. Strengthen your foundation in faith each and every day.

I’ve touched on how the soil is related to our faith. What about the seed which a soil embraces? What is the seed? The seed from which plants grow is us. It is our bodies, our minds, it’s us. As seeds grow into plants, they become stronger, taller, blossom into God’s beautiful creations. Every plant is different from another. Some are taller than others. Some are more colorful than others. Some have more pedals than others. Despite how different every plant is, we are all rooted in the same fashion. We are all seeds. We all embrace the soil upon which we are planted. As stated before the soil is our faith. It is the roots in which we grow. Seeds feed off the soil. Seeds use the nutrients within the soil to grow. As seeds grow their roots become more entrenched within the soil. However, if the soil isn’t prepared adequately the seed will struggle to grow. Prepare the soil. Strengthen the foundation of your faith each and every day so you, the seed, can grow and withstand all the sunny days and stormy days.

“You have to take time to prepare the soil if you want it to embrace the seed.” Constantly prepare the soil so you the seed can flourish. Faith and belief in God is our foundation yet without work our foundation becomes weak. As it becomes weak, we struggle to thrive. Do not struggle. Do not become weak. Build your foundation every day by any means necessary.